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Can I Email Referrals?
Can I See A List Of My Referrals?
Can I Earn Commissions?
Quick Start Guide
This area has been created to get you up and running quickly!
Click Any Link In The Left Tab To Get Started
Quick Start Guide
Step 1- Update Your Profile
Select the "My Account "tab on the menu and enter your account info
(including your PayPal address to ensure you are paid your commissions).

Also, consider adding your profile picture to
personalized your referral tools.
Quick Start Guide
Step 2- Add Your Websites and Your Banner Ads
Select the "Add Advertising" Tab on the menu, and select the type of Ad you
would like to add to the traffic exchange. (Consider starting with a website)

The number of Banner ADS and Websites you can add depends on your membership level. However every level begins with an ad pack, so you can add them to your account on Day #1.

Finally take a moment to add your websites, and then allocate credits so that your ADS can be viewed.
Quick Start Guide
Step 3- Start Surfing!
Select the "Surf Websites" Tab on the menu. This will immediately open up to websites for you to view and earn credits!
Keep in mind you earn credits for viewing websites, banner ads and text ads!
Quick Start Guide
Step 4- Update your downline builder
Select the "Member Tools" Tab on the menu, and then select Downline Builder. Here you can add your referral links for your favorite mailers and programs. (This is a fast way to build your list)
Quick Start Guide
Step 5- Behind Referring others to Surf Web Ads
Select the "Member Tools" Tab on the menu, and then Select Referral Tools. Use these tools to refer new members to Surf Web Ads in order to build your downline, and grow your commissions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I email my referrals?

Yes! This is one of the advantages of referring people to SWA.
When they join, they are automatically added to your downline.
This means you can email them from your member's area.

To Access, select the "Members Tool" Tab
on the menu. Then select "Referral Mailer"
Next, compose your email, and click send. You can then email
everyone in your downline.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I see a list of my referrals?
Yes. As your referrals join through your link, a growing list will develop on your promo tools page. To access, select the "Referral Tools" Tab in the menu. Then select referral tools. Scroll to the bottom. This is where a list of everyone you have referred will be.
Your list will show: name, userid and where they came from....
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Earn Commissions?
Yes! To learn more view the details on the home page, before
you log in. There is a chart detailing your commission potential. To see how much commissions you are owed, you will need to
go back to the referral tools page.
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